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Want to Learn How To Quickly Turn Your Business into a Thriving And
"Booming Business"?

Then Our Booming Business Blueprint Program is for you!

  • Are you trying to start a Business and you don't have a plan?
  • Have you been in Business for awhile but you feel that you are just not successful yet?
  • Are you struggling and possibly beginning to dislike your business?
  • Do you have plenty of passion that produces little profit?
  • Do you own a Business or does the Business own you?

You Are Not Alone!

Join Our Program NOW.
Who are we and why join with us?
We are Lynn Nodland and Robin Nordmeyer

We are your Booming Business Partners to help you reach your goals. We specialize in helping coaches, health and wellness professionals and caring service-based entrepreneurs. We are business owners and also coaches who know how to build and run a successful business, while still having a balanced and abundant life. We want to help you to realize your dreams of a wonderfully successful Booming Business, and to have an enjoyable life.

Our combined experience and expertise makes us a strong team to lead you to the success you are seeking in your business and your life. Our program, Booming Business Blueprint, is just what it says it is - a Blueprint for you to gain a Booming Business and your best life.

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BOOMING BUSINESS BLUEPRINT has the personal touch!

You might have tried other programs in the past. We know that many people out there will continue to bounce around all over the place, getting only bits and pieces of methods for gaining the skills and knowledge they need to have a great Business and a balanced life where you own the Business and the Business does not own you. Most people out there will never be able to piece it all together into a real Business that they love and that provides abundantly for them.

But you are here because you know that things need to change for you. You are ready to have that Booming Business Blueprint because it is tailored to help you reach your desired skill and business goals. Our program is different from other programs. Booming Business Blueprint has the personal touch!

Our program is different
Booming Business Blueprint
Booming Business Blueprint
BOOMING BUSINESS BLUEPRINT is not a cookie-cutter program.

We help you build your business as you want it to be - It is your own strategic Business plan to fit your life plan.

Live Webinars, TeleLabs and Accountability to help you gain confidence and to succeed. You'll receive personal support from us, Lynn and Robin. We have built great businesses and helped others to have successful businesses. You'll also have a community of support to help you reach your goals.

Join Us! You Can Do It! We Will Help!

BOOMING BUSINESS BLUEPRINT is the compass for your business and your life

We want you to know... We've made more mistakes than we care to admit but we have learned from them. We've bought tons of programs... wasted tons of time and money... and have been so frustrated, and, at times, we both wanted to just give up on having a great Business and still having a great life. Maybe you know that feeling.

We spent so much time chasing "magic buttons" and pies-in-the-sky, that we hate even looking back and thinking about it now. Maybe you've even done the same things.

We'll tell you this... as soon as we started focusing on the Business and started ignoring the "strategizing" by treating the Business like a real Business and actually crafted a plan, a BOOMING BUSINESS BLUEPRINT!

You are a caring Business person. You want to give the best to your clients/customers. Let us help you with your goals by helping you to focus and build your skills and your Business to get what you want.

We learned a lot from our trials and challenges and we found our way to have Booming Businesses - and great lives, too. Now we want to help you to not have to go through the trials and challenges.

But, when you take control and responsibility for your Business and your life - and have a plan, then that's the when everything changes and you start realizing success, earning some good money and enjoying your life.

Booming Business Blueprint
BOOMING BUSINESS BLUEPRINT - you can have the business and life of your dreams!

Our Booming Business Blueprint can help you find the way to success! Webinars loaded with learning for you to put into action! TeleLabs to cement the learning and answer any questions. Supportive, safe environment, community of like-minded Business people. Small groups and lots of individual attention make this a unique program. Join The Booming Business Blueprint Program for Your Success! We are quite certain that if you follow the Booming Business Blueprint and do the work to move forward that you will be able to reach your goals of having a wonderful life and a profitable business.

How Powerful Is That?

You get to log in and watch these LIVE-recorded sessions yourself. Plus, if you happen to miss one, you always get the recordings of the sessions and replay! The recordings are powerful because you can watch them over and over again and reference them along the way.

Teaching is delivered in a very step-by-step manner through Webinars and telecalls and your questions get answered on how to use your Booming Business Blueprint to build your business. It's a great way to master Business and life! We have been fortunate to be blessed in our businesses and now we want to give back. We want you to learn what we have learned so we can help make your journey to success easier and faster. We want to get your blood pumping and your attitude jazzed for making a difference in your life, your Business and your income.


Join Our Program NOW! For information email: info@BoomingBusinessBlueprint.com

Our Booming Business Blueprint Program Includes:

Module 1
Booming Business Blueprint  

Design Your Best Business and Life In Balance with Your Strengths, Values, Passion and Purpose.

Create your most ideal Business and life as you want them to be. When you are in tune with your strengths, values, passion and purpose, you are at peace and fulfilled. This module will help you leverage these insights to create a strong foundation right from the start for your journey to the best Business and life.

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Module 2
Booming Business Blueprint  

Identify Your Roadmap and Action-Based Business and Life Blueprint.

You have worked hard to create a strong foundation for your Business and life plans. This module is designed to help you act on your plans by creating a roadmap and Blueprint to avoid unnecessary delays, set-backs and obstacles. The focus will be on the goals you want to target at future points in time and then helping you to take the right steps to get there.

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Module 3
Booming Business Blueprint  

Steps for Creating Your Signature Program: Target, Create and Offer.

Once you have your vision for your Business and life, you will focus on who you desire to serve and what you want to offer them. This module leads you through the process of identifying and becoming the expert on your target market and niche. You will determine specifically the best way to find and serve your clients with your unique signature offering. Learn to write your own content, design, price and share your program with your target market.

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Module 4
Booming Business Blueprint  

Build Your Brand and Marketing Efforts Through the Art of Attraction.


When you are clear on what you have to offer to your ideal clients, it is time to go to market. This module focuses on developing your personal brand and avenues for reaching out to your ideal clients. You will learn how to attract them to pay attention to you and your offering. This is about how to open the door, invite them into your store, and encourage them to take the first step with investing in your program.

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Module 5
Booming Business Blueprint  

Nurture Your Leads and Existing Clients/Customers-Gain and Retain With Know, Like and Trust.

This module is all about attention and retention. You will learn how to build your list and keep clients' attention by providing value while helping them to get to know, like and trust you. The goal is to retain clients by staying in touch, providing consistent exemplary service, and having something to offer that fits their needs and budget. It takes work to find your ideal customers and this training will help you to keep them satisfied, in the game, and investing in what you have to offer.

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Module 6
Booming Business Blueprint  

Develop Your Systems Approach For Running an Efficient Business: Organization, Time Management, Technology and More.

As your Business continues to grow, at some point you will not be able to do it all. You will need to delegate and build up your resources, systems and/or team support. Central to your success will be your ability to juggle many hats and stay on top of all the things that lead to Business efficiency. This module helps you with time management, organization, turn-key systems and strategies to keep your Business moving forward and steadily growing. The goal is to reduce overwhelm and increase profits while you create freedom and balance to have the life you will most enjoy.

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Here is what you get with our BOOMING BUSINESS BLUEPRINT "Hands-On Training":
  • Live Webinars and TeleLabs for training/mentoring sessions.
  • Recordings of the Webinars to reference over and over again.
  • Q and A sessions to get all your questions answered.
  • Step-By-Step methods for building skills, confidence and your business.
  • Save time and headaches by learning what NOT to do.
  • Mentoring on what TO DO and how to do it.
  • Increase your skills and profits while you enjoy your business and your life.
  • CCEU's and so much more!

“This program offers so much value! Robin and Lynn gave me so many tools to help me build my business. Their wonderful, well thought out activities and frequent contact helped me focus on areas specific to my business. They are both extremely insightful, and in addition to the excellent content, offered valuable “on-the-fly” comments and suggestions that addressed the many questions from all students regarding an array of businesses. Many breakthroughs and ‘aha’s’ took place for me and others in every lesson!” - Terri Q.

"Starting my own business has been a daunting task. Lynn and Robin at Booming Business Blueprint walked me through all the critically important first steps for success and did so with wisdom, passion, and optimism. Their coaching skills are top-notch, and strategies such as the using the Law of Attraction, are invaluable. Thank you, Lynn and Robin!” - Dawn A.

Booming Business Blueprint
BOOMING BUSINESS BLUEPRINT is for Serious Business Builders
- NOW is the Time to Start

If you're serious about having a successful business, having a great life and making good money, then jump on board with the Booming Business Blueprint Program and see for yourself! What if you were able to start bettering your skills and building your business so you make more profits as soon as possible? What difference would that make in your life and your finances? Developing yourself and earning money with a successful business is all about following a proven system and sticking to it. That's it. If you can do that, the sky is the limit and there's no telling how much you'll make and the positive effects on your life. You have a valuable service and many strengths but you need a plan.

Has a Plan and Mentoring for You

In a supportive environment to develop your confidence so you make that plan work. We are going to teach you how to do it! If you want a lucrative business that is not a hobby we can help!. We help you be the best you can be to develop your Booming Business so you can go on to earn significant income. We mean, having a blueprint really works! You can do this! We give you a proven system to follow... and then you just follow it! Stick to it. Master it. Yes, you will have to work. This program is not a get rich quick scheme and we cannot guarantee your results, but we know that when you have a plan and do the work you can reach success. We want success for you!

Booming Business Blueprint
BOOMING BUSINESS BLUEPRINT Special Offer and Personalized Program to Help You Succeed

Here Is The BEST PART Of All!

Our program should be priced at $2,997.
But we are offering a special rate for you of


Booming Business Blueprint

What is it worth to you to have the hands-on support of two successful business coaches to help you reach your goals for a solid working, successful business and balanced life? Just imagine how a few new clients or customers would easily cover your investment and how that investment would play out over a lifetime. Our Booming Business Blueprint program will not be offered at this rate again and with this level of support.

You would pay lots more for one month for one coach and one hour. Now you get a complete program of Webinars and TeleLabs each month and great support of two coaches on your journey. We help you to succeed. Look, you are not ever going to find anything as powerful as this for the investment as we are offering, so you'll need to take quick action if you want your seat in this program. Jump on this Special Offer if you are serious about having your best business and best life. Now you can get our Booming Business Program, our Webinars and TeleLab/Mentoring calls all for full-pay of $697 or monthly plan of 6x$147.


BONUS #1 - The Start Up BONUS, valued at over $600, is a One Hour Initial Consult Strategy Session with us personally, Lynn and Robin, to help set the stage and strategize for your success.

BONUS #2 - Coaching and Business Building Toolkit. You get our favorite selection of tools to use as you build your business, including templates, exercises and check lists.

BONUS #3 - A Celebration Call at the conclusion of the program to not only celebrate you and what you have accomplished in this program, but to also help you craft your next steps for enjoying your successful business and life.

BONUS #4 - Productivity Training Solutions. Helping you to make the most of your time and effort to increase your ROI.

BONUS #5 - Rev Up Your Social Media. Mega Bonus Package and we have 5 separate platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Social Bookmarking to increase your reach and rewards.

The value of the bonuses alone makes joining this program a no-brainer.

LOOK - Our Program Has A Guarantee!
Booming Business Blueprint
Limited Seats - Enroll NOW!

Because seats are limited so we can give individual attention, your quick action to join the Booming Business Blueprint Program is paramount. It's critical that you jump on this if you want in!

We are serious. If this is gone tomorrow, please do not get upset that it's gone.

We would love to have you join us but we can only take a few people in this unique program.

Take action and get it before it's gone. Don't be one of the people kicking yourself that you did not get in. You want a booming business and a balanced life and we want to help you get there!

Join! Right Here! And Right Now!

We look forward to having you with us for the Booming Business Blueprint Program! For the Full Pay Special of only $697 - Click the button below and enroll now!


For the 6 Monthly Installments Option (6 x $147 = Total $882) - Click the button below and enroll now!

P.S. Don't forget that with The Booming Business Blueprint Program you are on your way to positively changing your business and your life! Onward and Upward to Your Success!

Booming Business Blueprint

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P.P.S. You can do it! We will help! - Lynn and Robin info@BoomingBusinessBlueprint.com